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Region Sea of Lost Lights
World Shadesmar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Celebrant is a city in the Sea of Lost Lights in Roshar's subastral of the Cognitive Realm.[1] It is located on the island counterpart to the Sea of Spears in the Physical Realm.[2][3] The city is a major trading port and prominent city in Shadesmar, and is currently ruled by voidspren.[4]


Celebrant is located on the western side of the island counterpart to the Sea of Spears in the Physical Realm, in the Sea of Lost Lights.[5] Angerspren roam the region outside the city.[6]


Celebrant is organized in a similar fashion to that of a human city, though not as densely populated, with a market and docks. There are towers in the center of the city used to tell the time by a set of fires that burn in vertical holes. The buildings are each constructed of a variety of materials, like differently colored bricks or different types of stone.[4]


The docks are longer than the city itself, to accommodate for its status as a trading hub. Ships are made to berth along stone piers, where braces beneath the sea of spheres support the vessels after their mandras have been taken away. Rows of long warehouses mark the shore along the docks, obscuring a view of the city.[6] The dock registrar, housed in a blue-painted building, keeps records of ships and their travels and manages inspections. At the adjacent moneychanger, Stormlight can be traded for notes of exchange.[6]


The market is comprised mostly of open stalls with goods piled on tables. There are stalls that sell clothing, building materials, weapons, food, and art. The prices, based largely on the item's permanence in Shadesmar, differ greatly from those of items in the Physical Realm. Most food is typically sold in cans. One art store offers artwork for sale from places as far off as Nalthis.[4]


Celebrant used to be a free city state, though it was taken over by voidspren during the True Desolation. However, they didn't have firm control over the city, being present mostly through a few Fused officials.[4]

In Nan 1174 Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, Sylphrena, Pattern, and Azure passed through Celebrant after getting stuck in Shadesmar following the Siege of Kholinar. The group arrived on a ship captained by Ico. They purchased clothing, weapons, and food in the market. Shallan sought passage on ships heading toward Cultivation's Perpendicularity or Thaylen City, but the group was ultimately forced to leave swiftly aboard Honor's Path, pursued by Fused.


Celebrant is a melting pot of spren, with many different kinds of true spren living within the city. These include cultivationspren, ashspren, Reachers, inkspren, and Cryptics. There are also spren with skin that looks like stone with molten light shining from within and a spren made out of smoke. Humans are very rare and tend to draw attention.[4]

Fashion among the spren is eclectic--drawing from human styles across all of Roshar.[4]


Celebrant was a free city until voidspren took partial control of it in the initial months of the True Desolation. Some city officials are voidspren, while the rest pledge compliance. Two Fused, including Kyril, visit the city on occasion to perform inspections.[4]

Though the spren have generally accepted this, some quietly oppose Odium's rule.[4]


Oathbringer chapter 102 is titled "Celebrant."[4]


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