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The Coppermind sometimes runs an editing push, selecting a set of small articles and some subsections of long articles to be expanded by those who wish to attempt contributing. The first event happened in July 2018, when each set of objectives lasted for one month. Starting in December 2018/January 2019, the objectives ran for two months. After November 2019, the objectives became an irregular event. Additionally, every November is designated as National Coppermind Writing Month (a play on National Novel Writing Month), which has its own separate award.

To tag current objectives, use {{objective}}. To claim an objective, add your name to the objective on the objectives spreadsheet, and come say hi on Discord. See the template page for details on adding a claim to the notice that goes on article pages. For a list of current objectives, see the list of pages in this category below. For those who have participated in objectives, see Coppermind:Awards.

Articles filed under the _ have been claimed. Articles filed under the ~ have been completed; their tags will be removed once a Keeper marks them as reviewed on the spreadsheet.

Links to past objectives:

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