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This category is for classifications of article quality. It should not include article tags, like Theory or Attention.

In short, article qualities go as such:

{{stub}} are for short, terrible articles that need expanding. Stubs are bad. These can either graduate to {{complete}} status--which indicates that though the article is short, it has all the possible knowledge on the subject--or partial status.

{{partial}} articles are articles which are too long to be considered mere stubs, but could still be improved. These are usually on meaty subjects like main characters, where the info in the article is obviously longer than a stub, but doesn't contain everything that could be said about the character.

Articles in the nearly Complete category need reviewing to make sure they are exhaustive in their descriptions.

{{exemplary}} articles are the best articles on the Coppermind. They contain a wealth of information, and are conceivably totally complete with their treatment at hand.

Notable articles are slightly outside of this hierarchy. They are simply a tag which indicates the importance of an article, instead of its actual quality. These should aim to be Exemplary.