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Groups Stingray Clan
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In Calamity

Carla is the leader of the Stingray Clan. She is an stocky, older Ildithian woman with thinning hair.[1]

When Tia came to Ildithia, Carla allowed her to hide among them. While the others in the Stingray Clan protested, Carla claimed that protecting Tia was something they needed to do. However, Prof ended up tracking Tia to them, due to finding her cola in a shipment for the Stingray Clan. Carla started preparing for a fight before Tia decided to give herself up to protect them. Carla agreed, and though she was sorry for giving Tia up, she needed to protect the Stingray Clan. Carla and the other members of the Stingray Clan pretended to not know who Tia was, and they were spared.[1]

After their close encounter with Prof, Carla made it clear to the Reckoners that Stingray Clan wouldn't be helping to rescue Tia. Carla and Stingray Clan then proceeded to covertly pull out of the city.[2]


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