Canton of Orthodoxy

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The Canton of Orthodoxy was a canton of the Steel Ministry on Scadrial during the Final Empire.

It had organizational dominance over the other three cantons; the Canton of Resource, the Canton of Finance and the Canton of Inquisition.

As the an authority in bureaucratic matters, any mercantile contracts, divorces, weddings, land purchases, inheritances and any other important dealings could only be authorised by the Canton of Orthodoxy. It was said if an obligator hadn't witnessed an event or sealed a documents, it might as well not have happened or been written.[1]

There was a long standing rivalry between the Canton of Orthodoxy and Inquisition, for the Canton of Inquisition believed that they should have dominance over the other Cantons. They are eventually given the dominance when they capture Vin and prove that she is the Lord Prelan's half-breed daughter. [2]

Notable Members[edit]

Lord Prelan Tevidian Tekiel
Highest ranking member of the Steel Ministry. Father of Vin.[3]


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