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Camon's safe house
Owners Camon (formerly), Milev[1]
City Luthadel
Dominance Central Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Camon's safe house is Camon's crew's base of operations.

The safe house is in a skaa slum known as the Twists, close to the Iron Gate in Luthadel.[2] It consists of two main sections: a shop, located at ground level, that serves as a front for the crew's operations, and a stone cavern underneath the building, where the crew lives and plans their jobs.[3][4] It has several watch-holes from which crewmembers can watch the streets for any signs of danger. Vin frequently spent her free time in the watch-holes, as she could be alone there, which made her feel relatively safe.[3]

After Vin was caught Soothing a Canton of Finance obligator to help Camon scam them, two Steel Ministry spies and a Steel Inquisitor followed them back to the safe house; the spies were killed by Dockson before they could report back and Kelsier distracted the Inquisitor. In returns for this service, Kelsier demanded the use of the safe house that evening, as he wanted a neutral place to hold an initial meeting to discuss his plan to overthrow the Final Empire with his crew. As punishment for Camon's treatment of Vin, Kelsier replaced him as crewleader with Milev and ordered the crew to let Camon live, but to make sure his life was unpleasant.[1] After meeting with his crew, just as the mists started to come out, Kelsier left to steal some atium while Vin and Dockson headed for Clubs' shop, leaving the safe house for the crew.[4]

Around the time Vin trains in emotional Allomancy with Breeze,[5] Steel Inquisitors, looking for Vin, tracked down the safe house and slaughtered the entire crew.[6] After that, the building was abandoned.[7]

After Vin and Zane's attack on Cett's army, OreSeur found Vin hiding in one of the old watch-holes, and reported her location to Elend Venture. Elend then went to comfort her and convinced her to come out.[7]


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