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Residence Babilar
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In Firefight

Idiots. Making things worse.

—Calaka's opinion of the Reckoners[1]

Calaka is a resident of Babilar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is tall and has blue hair. He does not think that the Reckoners should be fighting against the Epics and believes that standing up to them only makes things worse for everyone else.[1]


Calaka was at the party in Babilar with Infinity, Marco, and Lulu. When Mizzy introduced David to the group, Calaka made a derogatory comment about David's drab appearance, and she punched him in the arm as retribution. Taking a glass of glowing juice, he asked David where he was from and then told Mizzy he didn't think Steve was at the party. Infinity mentioned Steve being caught up in Obliteration's explosions a few days before, so Calaka and the others raised a glass in his memory. Calaka expressed his disgust with the Reckoners' actions, and then the group moved on to discussion of Edso's music.[1]


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