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Profession Soldier
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Caeb was a historical resident of Roshar. He fought alongside the Knights Radiant during the Heraldic Epochs.[1]


Caeb was seen in one of Dalinar Kholin's visions.[1] He and Dalinar were among a group of around twelve soldiers that accompanied an unnamed female Radiant who wore red-accented Shardplate.[1] The soldiers were likely Radiant squires, as Dalinar was surprised to see many of them glowing faintly with Stormlight.[1]

Caeb's Radiant team joined several others to search the Purelake for a spren corrupted by Sja-anat. Caeb was the first person to catch a glimpse of the spren.[1] Dalinar subsequently found the red-eyed spren in the water, and a Radiant told Caeb to run back to the checkpoint.[1]


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