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Residence T'Telir
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

You should do better. Even the children can bring me at least two.

— Cads to Vivenna[1]

Cads is a man living on the streets of T'Telir in Hallandren.[1] He is an extremely dirty man, but wears fancy clothing, though worn and dirty. He thinks it was funny and a mockery of highborn.

Cads seems to control an alley in T'Telir at the back of two restaurants, which contained garbage from the restaurants.[1] He lets urchins and others access to the garbage for money, which he pays to the restaurant owners.

Cads let Vivenna eat from the garbage for one coin--one bit--which allowed Vivenna to eat until she was full. Another day, Vivenna came to Cads with a single bit, and Cads barred her entry. Vivenna pleaded that Cads knew she was bad at begging, but Cads responded that even kids can bring him two bits. Cads shooed Vivenna away, even though she had not eaten in days, and demanded that she bring two bits the next day.[1]


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