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Type Tree
Used for Fabric
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Breachtrees are a plant native to Roshar used to make textiles.[1]


Breachtrees produce a type of cotton. The cotton can be spun into fabric. The fabric is versatile, and can be used to make clothing ranging from coats[1] to robes.[2] It is likely also used to make shift dresses.[3] The fabric, which sometimes has a scratchy feel, can be dyed.[1]

Cultivation and Economy[edit]

Breachtrees are cultivated as a textile crop in Jah Keved and possibly in other parts of Roshar. The harvested cotton is traded as a commodity.[4]


Kaladin had a padded brown breachtree coat as a young man.[1]

In 1170, Brightlord Revilar forced Lin Davar to trade breachtree cotton and raw shum at an incredible discount to gain much-needed influence with Revilar.[4]

Zahel wore a shabby tan breachtree cotton robe tied at his waist with a rope when he fought Kaladin in Urithiru.[2]



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