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Shards Odium
Investitures Unknown
System Rosharan system[1]
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The place is barren, devoid of life, merely a dark sky, endless windswept crags, and a broken landscape. And a lot of souls, a lot of not particularly sane souls.

Raboniel to Navani about Braize.[2]

Braize is a Shardworld in the Rosharan system.[3] It is the third planet from the sun, after Ashyn and Roshar, and the current home of Odium.[1]


Braize is a cold, inhospitable world, perhaps outside of the sun's habitable zone. However, while hostile to life, it is home to an ecosystem of self-aware spren, as well as a number of Cognitive Shadows, most likely the Fused.[4] The Shard Odium has made Braize its home, although his impact can be felt even on Roshar.[3] Only Odium's spren are welcome there; for those not aligned with him, visiting is both difficult and dangerous.[5][4]


Braize's most important function is that of a prison.[6] Odium has been trapped there following his battle with Honor, and after every Desolation, the Fused are forced to return to Braize. While Odium is kept bound by Shardic power, they are kept sealed by the presence of the Heralds.[7] As long as the Heralds remain on Braize, Odium's forces cannot travel to Roshar. To counteract this, Fused hunt them down and torture them until at least one gives up, restarting the cycle. Because of this, Taln has spent the past four and a half thousand years there.[8] Dead Knights Radiant, on the other hand, do not go to Braize.[9]

Even following a Herald breaking, departing from Braize is difficult, and grows more so the more powerful the prisoner is. Some smaller voidspren, like Ulim, are capable of sneaking out even while the torture remains ongoing; the Fused and thunderclasts can only come out once the Heralds leave; and Odium's most powerful servants take a long time to cross over even after a Desolation is already in full swing.[10][11]

Odium himself cannot be released quite so easily - only someone holding the majority of Honor's power can set him free, and only by Intention. To be freed is something Odium seeks above all else, and he is convinced that it will eventually happen.[12]


In the Vorin religion, Braize is known as Damnation, although it is referred to by its proper name in older songs.[13] Those who have committed particularly grave sins are supposed to go there after death.[14] It's unclear how much it figures into other Rosharan cultures - the Shin know about it, but the Iriali Long Trail does not include it.[15][16]

Unlike the rest of Rosharan system, Braize is based around the number nine rather than ten.[17] Like all other Shardworlds, it has a representation in Shadesmar, although its name and nature are unknown.[18]


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