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Bow of Hours
Related to Unkalaki
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Bow of Hours is a legendary bow in Unkalaki culture on Roshar. When someone is able to draw the bow, it heralds "years of change".[1]


According to Cord, her father Lunamor was able to draw the bow in the Horneater Peaks at the start of the new millenium.[fn 1] She mentioned that spren helped provide Lunamor the strength needed to draw the bow.[1][3] She also referred to him as "the Fal'ala'liki'nor", although it is unclear how this title was related to the bow.[3]

Lunamor's ability to draw the Bow of Hours may have been related to his use of a grandbow during the Battle of Thaylen Field,[4] but he appeared to consider that incident a violation of an unknown oath, and did not discuss it any further.[5]


  1. The millenium in question refers to an Unkalaki calendar that differs significantly from the Vorin calendar.[2]
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