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Spouse Thude
Species Singer
Nationality Listener
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Words of Radiance

Who cares? If the gods would help us kill those armies out there, then I'd swear to them right now.

—Bila to Eshonai[1]

Bila is a Parshendi warrior in Narak on Roshar. She is Thude's mate for two weeks and is later part of a warpair with him under the command of Eshonai, in her personal division.[1][2]


During the time when the listeners only had three forms to choose from, Thude asked Bila to take mateform with him, and she agreed.[3][2]

Later, during the War of Reckoning, Venli brought to the Council of Five a gemstone containing a captured stormspren. Eshonai then showed it to Thude and Bila, the latter of whom was skeptical and did not care about it unless it could help her to kill the Alethi. When Eshonai chastised her for her lack of concern over the connection between the ancient powers and their old gods, Bila almost reached the point of insubordination before Thude intervened by offering food.[1]

When the time came for the listeners to take the new form, Bila and all of the rest of the soldiers agreed to do so. However, Thude expressed reservations to Eshonai about the way she was seizing control of the listeners. She gave permission to Thude to guard the group of dissenters, so he gathered Bila and the rest of Eshonai's old division to take charge of them. Not long after they took command of the dissenters, though, the whole group escaped into the chasms and fled Narak.[2]



Bila and Thude enjoy a close relationship because of the two week time period they spend together in mateform; after that, they also fight as a warpair while in warform. Although Bila is at first a proponent of stormform, she presumably agrees with Thude in the end about the form's dangers and agrees to flee Narak with the group of those who refuse to take a form of power.[1][2]


When Eshonai shows Bila the captured stormspren, she notes that Bila does not care about her people's origins or the origin of the power this new form promises; she is focused only on the war with the Alethi. This frightens Eshonai, who knows there are others who think the same way, discounting the danger of the solution in the face of the immediate threat posed by the humans.[1]


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