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Profession Scribe
Residence Yeddaw
Nationality Tashikki
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Bidlel is a scribe in the Grand Indicium of Yeddaw in Tashikk on Roshar.[1]


During Lift's time in Yeddaw, Nale's female Skybreaker apprentice tasked Bidlel's team with researching the city's records for any strange incidents, hoping to find evidence of a Surgebinder.[1]

Lift later performed her own search for Surgebinders and deduced that Nale's team had probably done the same thing, and that she could try to follow their tracks.[2] Although Tashikki scribes normally kept their clients private, Ghenna informed Lift of Bidlel's interaction with the Skybreaker due to Lift's royal backing from Yanagawn.[1] Bidlel had already evacuated due to the coming Everstorm, so Lift and Wyndle attempted to find their office in room 232, but they encountered Szeth, Nale, and his Skybreaker apprentices on the way there.[1]


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