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World Alornia
Universe Wode States
Featured In Perfect State

Indeed, he does seem to boorishly continue the same stubborn course, without maturity and without careful consideration of the best path. Wouldn't you say?

—Besk to Kai[1]

Besk is a Machineborn in the State of Alornia, and chancellor to Emperor Kairominas. He helps Kai run the State, and monitors the Wode Scroll.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Besk's best attribute is his brain. Very intelligent, and very clever, Besk is the chancellor of Alornia for a reason.


Before Unification[edit]

Not much is said of Besk's life before the unification of Alornia. He met Kai after the Liveborn had been adventuring for quite some time[2], centuries after Kai's birth, implying it was some time after Kai's 200th birthday. At some point after meeting Kai, a single drop of the draught of immortality was shared with him, granting Besk long life.[3]

After Unification[edit]

Since the unification of Alornia, Besk has served as Kai's chancellor, a position somewhat similar to a secretary. He and Kai have daily meetings to keep Kai up to date on the happenings within his empire. Besk also keeps track of the Wode Scroll, and was able to convince Kai to finally stop rebelling against the Wode's demand to procreate.[1]

Besk accompanied Kai to investigate the first Border State that appeared. He aided Shale in trying to convince Kai to conquer the State, though he took a non-martial approach, tellilng Kai that trading with the natives would greatly help the empire, as well as please the scientists.[4]


Once Kai is in Maltese, Besk communicates with the Liveborn telepathically. Through this communication method, Besk is able to help Kai understand the Communal State better, thanks in part to research he had done beforehand.[5]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Besk's appearance and personality are heavily influenced by his Concept. His looks are described as being troll-like; his limbs seem too long, robes too stiff, and his face is expressionless. He also has painted on eyebrows.

Besk is a very intelligent man, and is willing to disobey Kai when necessary, something Kai feels no one else in the State would do. He's also incredibly clever, capable of turning even the most unlikely conversations into topics proving his point.[1] He seems to enjoy mental math,[5] and attempts to use logic to solve conflicts when possible.[4]


My lord, this is most unseemly of you. I'm reminded of the child you were, not the king you have become.

—Besk to Kai[1]


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