Beautiful Song

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Beautiful Song
Lunamor's family
Parents Lunamor, Tuaka
Siblings Gift, Cord, Rock, Star, Kuma'tiki
Born 1170[1]
Aliases Little Song
Residence The Horneater Peaks
Ethnicity Unkalaki
Nationality Unkalaki
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Oathbringer

Beautiful Song is an Unkalaki on Roshar. She is Lunamor and Tuaka's youngest daughter. Because her mother's nickname is Song, she is sometimes referred to as "Little Song". Beautiful Song is presumably a nickname as well; her full name is unknown.

Beautiful Song hails from the Horneater Peaks. She arrives at the Shattered Plains with her family in 1174 after traveling for months to meet with Lunamor, who had sent them a message shortly after his arrival. During the trip, Beautiful Song's caravan was attacked by Voidbringers and her family defended themselves behind a pile of furniture; one of them managed to shoot a singer with an Unkalaki arrow. They were found by Bridge Four during a patrol and taken to Urithiru.[1]

Beautiful Song was only four years old when the family reunited with Lunamor, and she did not remember him after he had been away for so long, breaking his heart.[1]

In 1175, Lunamor takes Beautiful Song and the rest of his family (except for Cord and Gift) back to the Horneater Peaks.[2] They do not plan to return.[3]


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