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Died Battle of Kholinar ? 1174[1]
Groups Kholinar Wall Guard
Residence Kholinar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Beard is an eccentric member of the Kholinar Wall Guard, and is a part of Noro's squad, Platoon Seven, Squad Two.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Beard's nickname is strange because he doesn't actually have any type of beard.[2] He is somewhat stocky. He tells outrageous stories, most of them involving some heroic action that he supposedly did. Some involve him learning a rare ability, such as his story about learning to Soulcast from the King of Herdaz. He is dejected when he learns that Kaladin actually knew Dalinar because Beard had several fantasies that involved the Blackthorn.[3] Beard doesn't believe there is a god, saying that he "Knows a lot about telling which stories have been made up.".[2] For some reason, however, Beard wears the glyphward 'Fortune' around his wrist during the Siege of Kholinar.[1] Beard is of the tenth dahn, the lowest rank of lighteyes. He views 'middlers', lighteyes who are above the eight dahn, but weren't quite highlords, as useless. During a patrol, he insults Adolin, who was disguised as a middler, mainly mocking the extraordinary amount of color Adolin was wearing.[2] He also blames Kholinar's slow disintegration on Queen Aesudan.

Beard, like Lopen, calls Kaladin by a slang word, 'Kip'. Kaladin hasn't figured out what that actually means.[2]

Aquaintance with Kaladin

Beard knew Kaladin, who was recruited to his same squad, as a fellow soldier up until Kaladin revealed himself as a Knight Radiant.[4] Beard befriended Kaladin easily and helped Kaladin to become familiar with the Kholinar Wall Guard's system.[2] Beard was present when Kaladin killed a Fused on Kholinar's walls, and, unlike the other members of the squad, just grinned when Kaladin showed his Shardblade and ability to invest stormlight.[4] Thank's to Kaladin's request, Beard and the rest of Platoon Seven, Squad Two was also present when Azure revealed how she supplied food for the army.[3] He followed Kaladin into Kholinar Palace and took part in the Siege of Kholinar. He was rammed through with a spear by Sah in the chaotic fighting.[1]


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