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Ruled by Fatren
Dominance Southern Dominance
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Vetitan is a small town in the Southern Dominance of Scadrial.[1] It holds the fourth storage cavern.[2]


With about seven thousand people living there, Vetitan is fairly large for a farming community that's slightly more urban than a plantation, which likely is because of the ore mines nearby. Most houses are one-story buildings.[1]

It lies in the Southern Dominance, reasonably close to Garthwood.[1]


Vetitan used to be ruled by some local lords and Steel Ministry offices, but after the Collapse Fatren convinced the skaa to go ahead with their planting, he came in charge of the town and surprisingly kept it safe from gangs with an effective working population. They trained an army of a thousand soldiers, and at the suggestion of Fatren's brother Druffel they built an earthen fortification around the entire town with real city gates. Their mines were mostly abandoned, however.[1]

When Garthwood was attacked by a koloss army, the fewer than a hundred survivors escaped to Vetitan.[1]

Three months later, the same koloss army found its way to Vetitan. Emperor Elend Venture arrived there just in time to teach Vetitan's army of a thousand soldiers and another thousand armed civilians how to fight the koloss.[1] They charged and attacked the ten thousand koloss while they were still setting up their camp, taking down several hundred of them in the surprise. The soldiers kept fighting until Vin arrived at the battle and killed the Inquisitor who controlled the koloss. This allowed Elend to take control of the koloss instead, ending the battle.[3]

In return for his help, Emperor Venture demanded leadership of Vetitan, to which Fatren eventually agreed. After a brief visit to the storage cache, and learning that the last cache is hidden in Fadrex City, Elend and Vin escorted the evacuation of Vetitan because it would soon be consumed by the Deepness.[2]

Once the people of Vetitan arrived at Elend's main army, Elend sent Fatren and his people to Luthadel, where they would work the fields, but the soldiers were allowed to join the army if they wished. A force of five hundred soldiers was sent back to Vetitan, with the task of transferring the supplies in the storage cache to their barges and send these to Luthadel.[4]


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