Battle of Slickrock

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Battle of Slickrock
Participants Dalinar, Nalanar, Geved
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Slickrock is the name of a battle on Roshar between the forces of Nalanar of Jah Keved and Dalinar Kholin of Alethkar.[1]


The battle occurred prior to the War of Reckoning, likely during the period when Gavilar deployed Dalinar to Herdaz and Jah Keved as a show of Alethi strength.[2] The exact location is not known, but it presumably occurred on a field of slickrock near the border of Jah Keved and Alethkar. An older soldier named Geved fought in Nalanar's second infantry during the battle and survived despite Dalinar's victory.[1]

Geved reminisced with Dalinar when they met in the aftermath of the Battle of Vedenar; both men thought of the battle as a reminder of a simpler time. Dalinar conceded that Nalanar nearly beat him at three different points during the battle. Geved then contrasted his experiences during the battle of Slickrock with the horrific events of the Veden civil war and the effects of the Thrill. The Thrill began to take hold of Dalinar and he realized that it had moved from the Shattered Plains to Vedenar.[1]


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