Bastien Severington

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Bastien Severington
Profession Mayor
Residence Bilming
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Lord Bastien Severington is the mayor of Bilming in the Elendel Basin on Scadrial during the year 342 PC.[1]



Bilming was an important port city, and Severington worked with Florin Malin to develop warships known as "Pewternauts" with armored hulls and gun turrets.[2] The new ships were revealed in 342 PC, and Severington invited a number of senators from Elendel to their introduction as a gesture of friendship,[2] likely hoping to quell some rising bitterness between the two cities.[1] However, one of the senators was later quoted in The New Ascendancy mocking the ships.[2]

Criticizing ElendelEdit

Later in 342 PC, Kelesina Shores invited Severington to speak at her party in New Seran.[3] Severington's speech focused on Elendel's "tyranny" and supposedly unfair taxation, going so far as to draw a comparison to the Lord Ruler.[4][1] Severington used Sophi Tarcsel's amplification devices to give the speech,[4] allowing Waxillium Ladrian to overhear parts of it despite being indisposed in another room.[1] Wax realized that Bilming was important enough to spearhead anti-Elendel sentiment that could result in civil war.[1]


Preceded by
Mayor of Bilming
Succeeded by
Gave Entrone
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