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Groups Venture army
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Those forces look almost evenly matched. Fifty thousand men against a force of some twelve thousand koloss and about five thousand men. If we were to add our strength to either side...

—Bahmen to Cett[1]

Bahmen was an aide to Ashweather Cett during the Siege and Battle of Luthadel.[1]

When Vin attacked Straff Venture's army with koloss, killing Straff in the process, Bahmen had advised that Cett could add his forces to either side, leading a decisive victory, instead of Cett's original plan, which was to wait for Vin and Straff's forces to destroy each other. That way, Cett could seize Luthadel for himself. In the end, both because of Bahmen and because Allrianne Cett rode to help Vin's forces, Cett came to assist Luthadel.


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