Aztek Federation

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Aztek Federation
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

The Aztek Federation is a nation on Earth located in South America.

It seems there may have been multiple Aztek nations[1] but the federation is spoken of as a single entity.[2]


Back before European explorers started exploring North and South America, the Azteks were attacked by wild chalklings that came from North America, which tried to gain a foothold in South America. For an unknown period of time, the Azteks fought off the wild chalklings with an acid made from a local plant, and they sheltered refugees from the north.[1]

The European explorers attempted to settle in South America, but were rebuffed. They headed for the Isles instead, but they were not warned about the chalklings by the Aztecs, who were generally reclusive and xenophobic at the time.[1]

Some theorized that the Azteks built the Tower of Nebrask, but the Azteks refused to speak of Nebrask, and called it an abomination.[1]


The sequel to The Rithmatist, The Aztlanian, will take place here.[3]


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