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Axies' beggar

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Residence Kasitor
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
Axies the Collector briefly interacts with a beggar in Kasitor. He lives in an alley among rotting vegetables.[1]


He is described as a "scraggly-bearded man" who is missing teeth and wearing a lavis sack. This eccentric character arranges rotting vegetables into a miniature map of a city. The beggar acts as a sort of deity to his miniature city, remarking that some of his imaginary citizens had been bad lately.[1]

When Axies wakes up naked in the alley next to the beggar, the beggar demands payment for rent and accuses Axies of destroying "the temple of the northern god" and "half of Hapron Street" when he fell on the piles of trash. He then asks Axies if he is a "Voidbringer or a Herald?"[1]

Axies tricks the beggar into giving him a blanket; as Axies departs, the beggar intones, "And lo, the foul beast was banished!"[1]


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