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The following is a list of known Commands for Awakening. For information on how Commands are used, see Awakening#Awakening Commands.

Known Commands[edit]

  • Fetch keys.
  • Protect me.
  • Your breath to mine
  • My life to yours. My Breath become yours.
  • Strangle things.
  • Lower me.
  • Strengthen me.
  • Upon call, become my fingers and grip.
  • Hold things.
  • Awaken to my Breath, serve my needs, live at my Command and my word. (Security phrase).
  • Untie.
  • Hold that branch.
  • Hold when thrown.
  • Grab (something).
  • Hold (something).
  • Move up.
  • Move down.
  • Twist around.
  • Upon call become my fingers and grip that which I must.
  • Become as my legs and give them strength.
  • Find tunnels.
  • Twist things.
  • Grab things, then climb things, the pull me up.
  • Grab things other than me.
  • Lift me.
  • Attack and grab (person).
  • Grab things.
  • Fight for me as if you were me.
  • You will stop.
  • Destroy evil
  • Forget what I told you before. Instead, take care of her.[1]