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Avarak Matal

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Avarak Matal
Spouse Hashal
Groups Sadeas army
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Brightlord Avarak Matal is a lighteyed officer on the Shattered Plains.

Appearance and Personalty[edit]

He wears a sword at his side, mostly for fashion, and is nearly as tall as Kaladin, but spindly with delicate hands.


He captains the bridge crews in Sadeas's warcamp, but lets his wife Hashal deal with the slaves.[1][2] The only time he does any personal commanding without her is when he orders the bridge crews to form up and run before a plateau assault.[3] Hashal claims that he had asked to be assigned the captaincy of the bridge crews in order to see to it that they run smoothly and efficiently, but this is likely a fabrication.[1]

Matal is present when Kaladin attempts to use himself as a diversion by dressing in Parshendi remains in order to divert their attention from the bridge crews. He gives the order to charge and screams loudly at Kaladin when he realizes something unexpected will happen, as it was how his predecessor Lamaril lost his place. Torol Sadeas assumes that he had approved Kaladins plan beforehand and mentions he will have to be promoted due to how well it worked.[4]

Matal later gives Kaladin and Bridge Four permission to leave Shen behind on bridge runs due to his foul temper and behaviour after he saw how they were going to treat the corpses of the Parshendi.[5]

Matal is later seen shouting orders when the horns sound before the Battle of the Tower.[3] During the battle itself, Matal stays back from the fighting. Kaladin sees him speaking to the rear guard across the chasm from where Bridge Four is and he then takes off at a run to alert the bridge crews that they will be retreating from the battle.[6]

After retreating from the battle, Matal was directing the bridge crews back towards the Sadeas war camp. He eyes Kaladin and Bridge Four before shouting at them to cross, until Kaladin convinces him to allow them to follow later at their own pace (as they have their own bridge to cross with). Matal agrees, as this will likely lead to them being hunted down by Parshendi, and thus he can rid himself of Kaladin.[7]

After the Battle of the Tower, Kaladin notes that while Dalinar and Torol Sadeas are discussing the events of the battle, Matal is to the side focusing on Bridge Four. Kaladin notes that, due to what happened at the battle, he will likely receive the same punishment as Lamaril.[8]


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