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Related to Lancing
Type Magical mineral
World Alornia
Universe Wode States
Featured In Perfect State

I followed the instructions, entering a wide street populated by self-driving metal carriages. I had something similar working in most of my cities, though mine were connected to Aurorastone deposits inserted into the roads.


Aurorastones are magical stones found in Alornia that are used to power various mechanisms.[2] The stones are capable of being charged via Lancing, and are used to maintain Lancing feats without Kairominas needing to be around. It is implied that the power of an Aurorastone diminishes over time, and that Kai must then recharge them with Lancing.[3]

The known uses for Aurorastone include weather control, automated carriages resembling cars within Alornia cities, and enchanted swords.


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