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Groups Aspect
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion

Audrey is one of Stephen Leeds' aspects.[1]

She is an expert on handwriting, able to recognize if two texts were written by the same hand, or if one was written by another, or even if one was written by another in an attempt to copy someone's handwriting. Later, she also learns a certain amount of cryptography after Stephen reads a book on the subject.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Audrey has dark hair and is slightly overweight.[3] She is not one of Stephen's closest aspects, usually staying home while Stephen, Ivy, Tobias and J.C. go out on cases. She seems to prefer this, seeming to assume she'll get shot at.

Every aspect has a mental problem. Unusually, Audrey has the delusion that she does not exist. Of course, this is totally true, but only by coincidence.[4]


She went out with Stephen Leads during the investigation of I3 company. She contributed to the investigation by coming up with the information trick that got the phone number of Zen, who was tailing them.[expand]


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