Ashweather Carriage and Coach

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Ashweather Carriage and Coach
Owner Cett
Services Taxiing
City Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Ashweather Carriage and Coach is a taxiing service in Elendel.[1]

They have a carriage park located in the northern parts of Which? Octant[clarification needed], and consisted of a large open yard filled with various carriages.

He eventually reached the location he’d set out to find: Ashweather Carriage and Coach, a large open yard at the northern edge of the octant where a fleet of carriages of various styles was stored. Rich-looking landaus with retractable tops. Conventional buggies, with less lavish upholstery and wood, to attract a modest clientele. A few surrey-style, with frilled tops.

By far the most common in the carriage park was the standard road coach: the four-wheeled vehicle with a completely enclosed passenger compartment, and room at the top front for a driver. They called them Barringtons in the city, after Lord Barrington, and though the paint jobs could vary wildly, the style was pretty much standardized. Wax's own coaches were Barringtons.

Wax visiting the carriage park[1]

They have twenty-three coaches of the type Wax is looking for.



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