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World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere
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Artifabrians are engineers that design and construct fabrials on Roshar.[1] In Vorin nations it is considered a women's profession.[2]

They discover groupings of fabrials, which they name Altering fabrials, Pairing fabrials, and Warning fabrials. Altering and Pairing fabrials are areas of great interest to artifabrians and are the subject of much research and theorizing.[3] Aside from their research, artifabrians also take on the duty of installing new fabrials.[4]

During the War of Reckoning several major breakthroughs have been accomplished by artifabrians, such as the Veden Half-shards. Artifabrians have spent centuries trying to recreate Shardplate, and half-shards are the closest they have come although they operate under a different design scheme.[1]

The methods they use to craft fabrials, including capturing spren in gems, are closely guarded secrets of the artifabrian community.[3] Thaylen artifabrians have a secretive means to precisely adjust the Stormlight within a fabrial.[5]

Notable Artifabrians[edit]

An artifabrian who designs a type of painrial.[1]
Navani Kholin
A notable Alethi artifabrian[6] who helps in the creation of many fabrials, including the Grandbow.[7] She also helps refine the design of Longshadow's painrial.[1]
An ardent working in service of Navani Kholin who has experience with new fabrial designs[5] and contributed toward several notable discoveries relating to the uses of aluminum with fabrials.[8]
An ardent working in service of Navani Kholin, invented a wrist-mounted lifting fabrial that enables the bearer to be moved into a specific direction for a short period of time.[9]
A Thaylen scholar who reveals the secret of transferring light between gemstones to Navani during the singer occupation of Urithiru.[10]


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