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Armedius Academy

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Armedius Academy
Usage Academy of Rithmatics
City Jamestown
State New Britannia
Nation United Isles of America
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

Armedius Academy is a school located in Jamestown on the isle of New Britannia, one of the easternmost of the United Isles of America. It is one of eight schools that teaches Rithmatics.[1]

Graduating from Armedius is considered a great accomplishment by the people of the United Isles, one that goes beyond rote learning.[2] It produces about twenty Rithmatic Graduates every year. [3]


A variety of subjects are taught at Armedius Academy. Each semester focuses on a different element of the subject.[2] The Rithmatic campus has its own specialized curriculum that Rithmatic students participate in for the first hour of a period; they then join the General campus for the second hour.[2]

Rithmatic[4], European culture during the JoSeun occupation[5]
Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry[2]

Summer Electives

Students that did not leave the school during the summer are required to take a summer elective. Rithmatic students, who are required to attend school the entire year, take a Rithmatic elective. If, however, a student does poorly in one of their classes, then they are required to take remedial tutelage in that subject.[6]


Armedius Academy is, for the most part, made of brick, though the color varies from building to building. The office—located between the Rithmatic campus and the General campus—for example, is of red brick.[6]

Rithmatic Campus

The Rithmatic campus consists of four stately brick buildings holding lecture halls, each named for one of the four basic Rithmatic Lines. The upper floors are used as offices and flats for the Rithmatics professors.[3]

Warding Hall
A Rithmatic lecture hall, Professor Fitch teaches here.[7] Fitch's office is also located in one of the corners of the building.[3]
Making Hall
The newest of the four Rithmatic buildings, it has more windows than the others as well. Andrew Nalizar's office is located in it. Making Hall is also the location of the dueling arena where events, such as the Melee, are held. The arena takes up much of the center of the building, has a black floor, and is the shape of a skating rink. Its ceiling is made of glass with iron supports, the room above is the prime viewing location for duels and is where professors and local dignitaries watch from. There are seats within the arena room as well, however there are never enough for the people who wish to attend.[8]

General Campus

The General campus is located on the eastern side of Armedius.[9]


Principal Thomas York[7][10]

Rithmatic Faculty

Professor Fitch
A Rithmatic professor, he specialized in Rithmatic history in his schooling, and teaches classes on the theory of Rithmatic defenses.[7][11]
Professor Andrew Nalizar
Hired as a low-ranking tutoring professor, he gains full tenure and professorship after dueling Professor Fitch.[7]
Professor Howards[6]
Professor Silversmith[6]
Professor Harris[4]
Professor Haberstock[11]

General Faculty

Professor Layton
A mathematics professor.[2]
Professor Langor
A science professor.[4]
Professor ZoBell
A literature professor.[4]
Professor Kim
A history professor of JoSeun descent.[5]
Professor Campbell[10]
Professor Hatch[10]


Exton L. Pratt
A clerk who works in the office.[6]
A clerk who works in the office.[6]
Ms. Torrent
The librarian.[12]
Mrs. Saxon
A cleaning lady, mother to Joel Saxon[13]
Trent Saxon
A chalkmaker and amateur scholar of Rithmatics, Joel's late father.[13]
Mrs. Emuishere
A woman of Egyptian descent, presumably a cleaning lady.[8]
Cleaning lady.[8]
Mrs. Cornelius
Cleaning lady.[4]
Hextilda McTavish
Chef of the kitchen.[14]




Only Rithmatists are required to wear uniforms, which consist of a grey sweater with a white skirt or pants.


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