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Profession Guard
Residence Hearthstone
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

They looked like Voidbringers, I tell you, with big bony bits jutting from their skin.

—Aric, on the escaped singers[1]

Aric is a darkeyed guard in Hearthstone on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is short and wears an old helm spotted with rust.[1] He is clean-shaven, and has close-set brown eyes.[2] He tries to act tough,[2] although he becomes nervous in the face of danger.[3]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He carries a mace, but is not skilled in combat.[3][2] Kaladin says that he has less battle poise than a messenger boy.[1]


Roshone Guard[edit]

At the beginning of the True Desolation, Aric was employed as a guard for Toralin Roshone and reported to a lighteyed guard captain.[1] He was a part of the group that locked the town's parshmen in their quarters in Roshone's mansion when the town was warned of the coming Everstorm.[4][1] When the guards went back to check on them after the storm hit, the side of the enclosure had been torn away and the parshmen had disappeared. Aric witnessed the parshmen escaping, and noted that they had physically transformed.[1]

Kaladin rushed to Hearthstone after the coming of the Everstorm, but did not arrive until it had already passed through. Aric discovered Kaladin as he was investigating the parshmen's quarters. The two men did not know each other, and Aric forced him into the manor house.[3] Aric then tried to bully Kaladin and take him to Roshone, but Kaladin easily escaped his grasp. Aric found Roshone, who recognized Kaladin.[3] Aric then witnessed Kaladin punch Roshone before revealing his Shardblade.[3][2]

Aric then told Kaladin about the escape and transformation of the parshmen, informing him that they did not attack anyone. Aric wanted to know if Kaladin would tell Elhokar that the town needed help due to the Everstorm's destruction of grain silos and homes. He was concerned about available food and shelter upon the return of the highstorms, given the number of refugees in the town.[1]

Singer Occupation[edit]

During the singer occupation of Hearthstone, Aric and the other former Roshone guards were prohibited from carrying weapons. They helped Lirin keep refugees in an organized line and surreptitiously watched who was arriving into the city. Aric participated in Lirin's deception of the Fused when Dieno enne Calah arrived in Hearthstone, bringing a litter to transport the general safely without arousing suspicion.[5]


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