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Profession Guard
Residence Hearthstone
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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They looked like Voidbringers, I tell you, with big bony bits jutting from their skin.

—Aric describing the escaped parshmen.[1]

Aric is a darkeyed guard in Hearthstone. He guards Roshone's mansion after the Everstorm hits. He is short and wears a rusty helm.[1]


Aric was part of the group that locked the town's parshmen in their quarters prior to the Everstorm. When he went back to check on them, the side of the enclosure had been torn away and the parshmen had disappeared. He witnessed the parshmen escaping after the storm, and noted that they had physically transformed.[1]

Aric passed this information onto Kaladin after he arrived at Roshone's manner, and wanted to know if Kaladin would pass it onto king Elhokar. He also expressed his concerns about the destruction of Hearthstone's grain silos as well as residents homes. Aric worried that the people sheltered in the mansion would starve due to the influx of refugees and loss of grain, and that there would not be enough dwellings to house the people of Hearthstone once the highstorm returned.[1]

During the singer occupation Hearthstone, Aric helped Lirin tend to the refugees that were streaming into the town. When the Mink arrived in the city, Lirin had Aric bring him a litter to transport the general safely without arousing suspicion.[2]


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