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Profession Senator
Species Kitsen
Homeworld Evershore
Universe Cytoverse
Introduced In Starsight

We will seek your influence upon the universe as it manifests in drawn lots to determine the vote. A wise solution, Unexalted One.

—Aria to Hesho[1]

Aria is a kitsen senator.[1]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

She has patterned light and dark fur and wears an elaborate outfit made of colorful silk which has a matching headdress. Despite the shift of kitsen governmental structure, Aria holds Hesho in high regard and continues to treat him like a king, seeking to fulfill his desires despite his encouragements otherwise.[1]

She appears to believe that the monarch's preferences can be determined by divine will.[1]


Before an upcoming decision on taxation changes, Aria speaks with Hesho to gauge his opinion on the vote's outcome. Despite Aria and the other senators having voted against the former king's wishes in a prior matter, the Superiority believed Hesho to still have undue influence over his current government. To try and dissuade the Superiority of this notion, Hesho suggested that Aria vote randomly so that their handlers would believe the choice to be her own.[1]


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