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Arelish Plantations

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Arelish Plantations
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by Isaac Stewart
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World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

After the Reod and the Fall of Elantris, King Iadon established a plantation system in order to control Arelon. Peasants were bound to a Plantation in a practice similar to serfdom. Each Plantation was named for a different Aon. Due to the competitive nature of Arelish noble status, the peasants were often poorly treated as the nobles were anxious to retain their titles[citation needed].

List of Plantations[edit]

Aha Plantation
Aor Plantation
The plantation Diren worked on before being taken by the Reod.[1]
Are Plantation
Daa Plantation
Deo Plantation
Edo Plantation
Ehe Plantation
Ena Plantation
Eno Plantation
Eon Plantation
Operated by Count Eondel.[2]
Eshe Plantation
Iad Plantation
Ial Plantation
Operated by Duke Roial.[2]
Ido Plantation
Ien Plantation
Kaa Plantation
Kai Plantation
Kie Plantation
Operated by Lord Waren's father.[3]
Mai Plantation
Nae Plantation
Opa Plantation
Ore Plantation
Rii Plantation
Sao Plantation
Seo Plantation
Tii Plantation
Operated by Baron Edan.[2]


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