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Abilities Nahel bond, Edgedancer magic, Splinter of Cultivation
Bonded With Godeke
Species Cultivationspren
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Rhythm of War

You mustn't assume that what you see here relates to what you know from your life, human highprince.

—Archinal on Shadesmar, to Adolin[1]

Archinal is a cultivationspren on Roshar. She is currently bonded to Godeke.[2][1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Like other cultivationspren, Archinal appears in Shadesmar as a humanoid composed of vines. The vines are verdant and wound tightly, although they are not as tight as those of Mayalaran. Archinal is short and wears manifested robes as clothing. She has crystal eyes and incredibly fine and delicate crystal hands.[2] In the Physical Realm, Godeke can summon her as a Shardblade,[3] but its specific appearance is unknown.

Adolin believes that Archinal has an air of aloofness.[2] She seems to be rather apprehensive in unfamiliar situations.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Archinal shares a Nahel bond with Godeke, giving her sapience in the Physical Realm. The bond also grants Godeke access to the Surges of Abrasion and Progression as a member of the Radiant Order of Edgedancers.[2] Based on Lift and Wyndle's experience,[4] Godeke has likely spoken at least the Third Ideal of the Edgedancers since he can summon Archinal as a Blade.[3]

She is able to ride a horse in the Cognitive Realm.[2]


It is not clear when Archinal bonded with Godeke, but by the time of the mission in Hearthstone in Chach 1175, Godeke could summon her as a Blade.[3] Although Lift was the only Edgedancer known before the Battle of Thaylen Field, cultivationspren became eager to bond with the new Radiants after other spren began to do so,[5] and bonding a human gained them some esteem among their peers.[6]

She has described Shadesmar at length to Godeke.[2] Cultivationspren do not have their own settlements, so it is not clear where Archinal resides.[5] At some point, Archinal visited Lasting Integrity.[1]

Urithiru Emissary Delegation (1175)[edit]

Godeke was chosen to join the envoy to the honorspren in Lasting Integrity due to his experience as a diplomat and the fact that Dalinar wanted to include as many Radiant orders as possible.[6] Archinal's experience traveling in Shadesmar made her a valuable member of the team; in addition to her general knowledge regarding the Cognitive Realm, she knew the route to Lasting Integrity since she had been there before.[2][1] Archinal and Godeke sometimes served as scouts for the group, since Godeke had learned some scouting techniques during his Radiant training.[7]

When the expedition reached Nameless, Archinal and Godeke were the first to spot the Tukari caravaneers. After Adolin decided to investigate the Tukari, the group passed several friendly spren caravans; at least one spren recognized Archinal and called out to her by name. As they approached the Tukari, Archinal mentioned that more and more people were trading through Shadesmar as they heard about Rosharan wines and weapons. She was visibly nervous about the Tukari and warned Adolin that not everything in Shadesmar was what it seemed.[1] Archinal presumably stayed with Godeke while the group awaited the results of Adolin's trial.[8]


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