Antillius Shezler

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Antillius Shezler
Abilities Mistborn
Profession Scholar
Residence Keep Shezler
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Eleventh Metal

Antillius Shezler was a Mistborn and noble scholar in the Final Empire. He conducted research into the existence of an Eleventh Metal.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Shezler wears a fine suit combined with a white shirt buttoned to the neck, and his hair is short, all after the most current trends in Luthadel. Even though Shezler lives in the Western Dominance, in the city Mantiz, he is completely infatuated with the Luthadel nobility, and is eager for connections to society closer to the capital. He has an arrogant voice, and believes to be almost invincible because he is Mistborn. One of his skaa captives believes that Shezler isn’t completely sane.[1]


At some point in time Antillius Shezler fell under Ruin's influence.[note 1] Sebsequently, he started conducting research on the Eleventh Metal, Malatium. He tortured skaa in an attempt to Snap them, but most of them couldn't because they didn't even have noble blood. He listed his findings in a notebook.[1]

During Kelsier's training with Gemmel the two of them infiltrated Keep Shezler. After a while they reached Shezler's laboratory in the basement, where Shezler discovered them and attacked Kelsier, Gemmel held aloof. Shezler Steelpushed a coin at Kelsier, but the latter caught him by surprise by Pushing back and they started a fight. Shezler was more practiced with Allomancy, but because he only attacked with brute force, wasn't used to fighting other Allomancers and was too concerned for his equipment, Kelsier managed to kill him by punching a glass shard in Shezler's neck.[1]


  1. In Mistborn: Secret History, Ruin claims to be responsible for Kelsier discovering the Eleventh Metal.[2]
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