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Ambition by ML Malandrino.jpg
Vessel Uli Da
Slivers None
Splinters Potentially the Evil
Status Splintered
Residence Unknown
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence
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As for Uli Da, it was obvious from the outset that she was going to be a problem. Good riddance.

Endowment on Ambition's Vessel[1]

Ambition is a Shard of Adonalsium.[2] The Vessel of Ambition was Uli Da,[3] but she was killed shortly after the Shattering. She at one point visited the Threnodite system.

It is uncertain whether or not Ambition once had a system of Investiture associated with her.[2]


The Shard Ambition was created when Adonalsium was Shattered by a group of people on Yolen.[4] Uli Da took up Ambition and Ascended, later making her way to the Threnodite system, where it was uncertain whether or not she Invested herself in the system.[2] Ambition may have settled on the planet Threnody for some time, where some measure of Investiture was in existence, although its origin is unknown. Shortly after the Shattering, the Shard Odium arrived in the system. Ambition and Odium fought one another in the space between the planets, struggling in all three Realms. Mercy was also part of the conflict.[5] Odium gained the upper hand, mortally wounding Ambition and tearing off chunks of her power, which altered the people of Threnody, as well as the planets in the system. Ambition managed to escape the system, but she was killed and Splintered in another location, likely finished off by Odium.[2] This left a wound on the Spiritual Realm, and affected Threnody in "disturbing" ways.[5]


The Shard Ambition may have had a local manifestation of Investiture at one point in its past.[2] Nazh gave Khriss records from the Homeland, which indicate that there used to be some sort of Investiture present on the planet prior to Ambition and Odium's fight. On the other hand, this Investiture may have existed prior to the arrival of both Shards. It is unknown if this Investiture is still in existence or not after Ambition fled the system.

There are several other notable sources of Investiture on Threnody that may be associated wholly or in part with Ambition.[2] There appears to be excess Investiture in general, which infuses the spirits of some humans. The spirit of these people imprints upon this power, and when the person dies, the power remains behind in the form of a shade, a Cognitive shadow with a low level of consciousness. In addition to the shades, the Evil is also present on Threnody. This force of darkness destroyed an entire continent, sending people fleeing from the Homeland and other regions of the Fallen World to the Forests of Hell for safety. Khriss indicates that she believes that this may be the product of a chunk of Ambition's power, twisting the people and the planet itself. There is no stable perpendicularity on Threnody, although there are some unpredictable and unstable perpendicularities that are of morbid but unknown origin.

It is unknown what, if any, impact Ambition's power may have had on the planets Monody and Elegy.[2]

At least one of the remaining Shards (likely Endowment) believes that they are better off for her being dead.[1]


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