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Aluminum (Feruchemy).svg
Power Remove Allomantic metal reserves
Type Internal, Pulling, Enhancement
Misting Aluminum Gnat
Power Store Identity
Type Spiritual
Ferring Trueself
Power Remove all powers
Type Spiritual
Properties Investiture-inert
Universe Cosmere
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Aluminum is the internal enhancement pulling metal. An Allomancer burning aluminum will make all of their metal reserves vanish.[1] Feruchemists can use aluminum to store Identity, and when used as a Hemalurgic spike, aluminum removes all powers. It is known as Ralkalest or the unForgeable metal in the Rose Empire on Sel[2] as well as among singers.[3]

Aluminum metal (and some of its alloys) are "Allomantically inert" -- they cannot be Pushed or Pulled, and can shield people from emotional Allomancy.[4][5] Aluminum generates no atium shadows[6] and can create dead zones within cadmium and bendalloy bubbles, where the shielded area is not included within the time bubble.[7] It also interferes with Feruchemical healing, by making it impossible for wounds to heal around the aluminum until it is removed from the body. There is a similar effect on pewter Allomancy.[8]

Aluminum has been confirmed to have strange effects to all magic systems, is magically inert, and will act as an Investiture sink.[9]

A significant percentage of the aluminum in the Basin is produced by the Ghostbloods. Dean, the Scadrian branch's chemist, believes that the Scadrians would one day discover how to create it via electrolysis, and that the value would plummet to being cheaper than tin. The Ghostbloods have been using their aluminum to fund their operations for the past two decades.[10]

The paired alloy of aluminum used in the Metallic Arts is duralumin.

Allomantic Use

An aluminum Misting is known as an Aluminum Gnat. Burning aluminum causes the body to instantly metabolize its metal reserves—including the aluminum itself—without any other effect.[11] As such, an Aluminum Gnat gains no useable powers from their Allomancy,[4] however, it can be used to negate effects of other Investiture, such as the withering effect of Shades on Threnody.[12] Only Allomantically relevant metals can be burned away.[13] Allomancy does not affect aluminum even though the metal itself is Allomantically viable.[14]

Because aluminum can shield against emotional Allomancy, those who can afford to often wear hats with an aluminum lining.[15] It can also be used to block Allomantic bronze.[16]


If someone were able to burn the amount of aluminum needed to become an Allomantic savant with the metal, it may be possible to cleanse their spirit of unwanted effects of Investiture.[17]

Feruchemical Use

An aluminum Ferring is known as a Trueself. Aluminum is used to store "spiritual sense of Identity." This ability is not fully understood, and is rarely discussed outside of Terris communities.[4] A Trueself who fills an aluminummind to the point where they have no Identity and then fills another metalmind is able to produce a metalmind that any Feruchemist with the relevant power can tap. In a similar manner, a Feruchemist may be able to tap another person's metalminds by filling their own aluminummind completely.[18] Trueselfs can heal damage done to them in the Cognitive Realm by storing Identity, but it takes a roundabout method.[19] Storing Identity makes the Feruchemist more susceptible to many things, such as Forgery.[20]

It is unclear why Identity can be stored in and withdrawn from an aluminummind when other Invested Arts cannot affect aluminum.

Hemalurgic Use

When used as a Hemalurgic spike, aluminum removes all powers,[21] such as Allomancy or sand mastery.[22]

It is possible that encasing Hemalurgic spikes in aluminum may prevent Hemalurgic decay.[23]


On Scadrial, guns and bullets made from aluminum are highly effective (albeit expensive) because they cannot be Pushed, Pulled, or even detected using the sight granted by steel or iron Allomancy. Aluminum bullets are actually composed of an Allomantically inert alloy of aluminum since the ballistics of a pure aluminum bullet would not work.[24]

Around the Cosmere

While aluminum doesn't always directly negate all magic systems, it does have very weird, interesting effects in all places.[25] A person having aluminum in their body would interfere with many magic systems in some way.[26]


Wearing aluminum can help a person resist the influence of a Shard.[27]


Aluminum can be used to take liquid from a Perpendicularity, and it will stay Invested.[28]

Final Empire

The Lord Ruler kept aluminum and its alloy duralumin from public knowledge to give the Inquisitors an advantage.[29] During his rule, aluminum was harvested from the Ashmounts.[18]


Known as ralkalest in the Rose Empire, aluminum cannot be altered at all via Forgery.[30]

The cells for Forgers in the Rose Palace have ralkalest grates in their ceilings for entrance and a thin plate of ralkalest behind the stone walls.[30]


Aluminum cannot be Awakened. It is possible for aluminum to prevent someone from Returning, but not simply by stabbing the body: aluminum is inert and blocks Investiture, but does not actively absorb it.[2] Aluminum can also block an Awakener's life sense.[16]

Nightblood's sheath is made of aluminum.[31] On Roshar, a Fused uses Nightblood's sheath to block an attack from Szeth, who was wielding Nightblood.


There are legends of metal that can block a Shardblade. A metal that falls from the sky. Silver, but somehow lighter.

—Taravangian on aluminum[32]

Aluminum can be produced with Soulcasting.[33] However, aluminum resists attempts to Soulcast it into other Essences.[34] Shardblades are unable to cut aluminum through magical means but would be able to cut it physically, like a conventional blade, if the aluminum were thin enough.[35][36] Aluminum can block spanreed communication, and can prevent Soulcasting from being detected by others.[37] Aluminum cannot be affected by the Surges Adhesion or Gravitation.[38] It interferes with most Radiant powers.[36]

Highmarshal Azure was given metal sheets by Wit during her time in Kholinar that were possibly aluminum. When lining a room, they allowed for the use of Soulcasting fabrials without detection by the Voidspren.[37]

The Unkalaki people are able to obtain aluminum by trading with the spren world, and are aware that it has an effect on spren.[39]

During the expedition to Aimia, Rushu is tasked by Navani to experiment with aluminum and discover the details of its impact on fabrials. She first notes that the thickness of the metal may impact its effect on fabrial operation (e.g. block vs modify).[39] After tinkering with a spanreed and aluminum foil, Huio theorizes that the spren react to aluminum "almost like prey react to a predator" and that it interferes with the spren's ability to sense thoughts.[39] Rushu further theorizes that each axis of motion and rotation could be blocked separately by proper application of aluminum. It is likely that other types of fabrials (i.e. heating fabrials) could be modified similarly.

This experimentation accidentally resulted in a series of modified fabrials in which the mechanism contained bits of aluminum foil that blocked certain functions, but not all. Among these were a spanreed that transferred lateral motion, but not vertical; a lift to permit Rysn to move between decks of the Wandersail and a number of "wheelchair" fabrials which levitated and permitted Rysn to maneuver while seated using a partially aluminum-blocked counterweight.[40] These are particularly useful due to a known drawback of motion-transferring fabrials caused by a moving frame of reference (e.g. a moving ship at sea communicating by spanreed to shore).

The Knights Radiant once lined tunnels deep beneath Urithiru with ralkalest, likely to protect against intrusion into the tunnels from the foothills below via Surgebinding. It is unknown whether the term ralkalest is of Selish origin alone, or if Raboniel learned of it from another source.[3]


Aluminum lined rooms[41] and boxes are used to protect Aether spores from silver.[42] It is said to "block" the effect of silver.[43]


  • Brandon thought of having Vin burn silver rather than aluminum when captured in Kredik Shaw but decided that aluminum would be less abundant.[44]
  • Brandon chose aluminum for the role it serves because it is rare pre-industrial age, then becomes incredibly common, providing a way for technology to counter Allomancy.[45]


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