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Capital Alornia
Ruler Kairominas
Universe Wode States
Featured In Perfect State

Alornia is the Personal State ruled by Kairominas.


Alornia is a High Fantasy State. As such the technology level is around medieval times, but magic allows fantastical things to occur. Fantastical creatures, such as dragons, and magical items and artifacts exist within Alornia as well.

Alornia's sky contains the Grand Aurora, a blue-violet light that pierces storms and gives Alornia's ground a faint blue hue.[1]


Before Kai unified the State, Alornia featured forty different kingdoms all crammed into a single continent. As a result war was a constant, and the bloodshed only stopped when Kai united the kingdoms 50 years ago. It is possible there was more than one continent involved, too.[2]


The main magic system within Alornia is called Lancing, and is only usable by Kai. It allows him to manipulate energy and create force fields, among other things. Other magic also exists in Alornia, however, as Kai has found magical treasure in his adventuring days, including his enchanted sword Indelebrean. There is also a set of items known as Aurorastones, which allow various effects and can power foreign technology, and Boosts, which grant the individual enhanced abilities.


Alornia is also the name of the capital city of the State. It is a bustling city located at the center of Kai's power, whose architecture involves golden domes on top of towers. The city's weather is always sunny and nice, controlled to be so by an Aurorastone. The center of the city has a hill, atop which sits Kai's palace.[1]

Border States[edit]

Alornia has several Border States, where Liveborns compete for the special resources in the area.[expand]


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