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Allriandre Durkel
Children Ruri
Parents Durkel
Born c. 323 PC[1]
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Allriandre Durkel is a single mother in Elendel on Scadrial.[2] Her father was killed by Wayne before he became a lawman.[1] Years later, she inherited Wayne's wealth following his death, allowing her to provide for her daughter.[2]


She was presumably born in the Roughs; her father was a bookkeeper in Far Dorest.[3] Her father was a good man who regularly performed charity work, but Wayne accidentally killed him during an attempted mugging when he was sixteen years old.[3] Wayne learned about the man's family, including Allriandre and her two siblings, during his trial. He began giving her family half of his earnings as a means of atonement.[3] The children sometimes wrote him angry letters to let him know that he was not forgiven.[3]

Allriandre attended Elendel University and lived in Pashadon Hall, a girls' dormitory. She was considering going into law.[1] Wayne visited Allriandre on the first of each month to bring her a stipend, at her mother's request. Allriandre carried an evanotype picture of her father in a locket and forced Wayne to look at it and acknowledge that he killed him. She always looked at Wayne with a frosty emotionless expression.[1]

After graduating from university, Allriandre attempted to open an art studio. However, the business failed, and she became overwhelmed in debt. She had to raise her daughter Ruri on her own, without the girl’s father or any of Allriandre’s friends from university. She worked in a forge in Elendel, sorting pieces of metal.[2]

Following Wayne’s death, Allriandre returns to her apartment to her landlord scolding Ruri for painting the walls with toothpaste. She calms her daughter before guests arrive. She discovers that she inherited Wayne’s wealth following his death. While previously in debt, Wayne’s assets make her around the fourth richest person in Elendel, and she optimistically plans to bring the rest of her family from the Roughs to the city.[2]


  • Wayne's scene with Allriandre is purposefully awkward and is intended to demonstrate Wayne's deep-seated emotional need to prove that is he a good person.[4]
  • She may be named after Allrianne Cett and/or Beldre, as the Originators had achieved legendary status by the time of her birth hundreds of years after the Catacendre.[5]


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