Alloran Feltri

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Alloran Feltri
Abilities Rioter (alleged)
Profession Politician
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Vote for Passion! Vote for Freedom! Vote for Feltri!

— An advertisement placed by Canalworkers for Feltri[1]

Alloran Feltri is a politician in Elendel on Scadrial.

He was a candidate for the Canalworkers 2nd Seat in the elections for the Elendel legislature in the fall of 341 PC, and was considered the prohibitive favorite. However, The Elendel Daily ran an article alleging that he was an Allomancer and that he may have used his abilities to influence his constituents, which would have been a major scandal. The broadsheet's source was a former mistress of Feltri's who claimed that he was a Rioter.[1]


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