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Abilities Returned, Cognitive Shadow
Titles Goddess of Matrons and Families[1]
Residence T'Telir
Nationality Hallandren
Homeworld Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Warbreaker

Oh of course. We wouldn't want to let something as simple as the pains of our people to interfere with our leisure time. Why am I even talking to you?"

—Allmother to Lightsong[2]

Allmother is a Hallandren Returned on Nalthis.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She appears old,[3] with white hair and a wrinkled face, and is, in fact, the eldest of the gods in bodily age. She is also stocky for a goddess. Allmother tries to emulate the Returned of old by not simply answering petitioners with a yes or no, but rather helping them to the extent of her abilities. This is in part because she fears to lose her worshipers, and, consequently her access to Breaths.[2] She keeps to herself and doesn't attend many court assemblies or listen to debates.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As a Returned, Allmother has a divine Breath which gives her the benefits of being on the Fifth Heightening. This includes:

  • Aura Recognition - allows her to assess the number of Breaths a person possesses.
  • Perfect Pitch
  • Perfect Color Recognition - allows her to instantly and instinctively determine exact shades of colors and their hue harmonics.
  • Perfect Life Sense - allows her to sense people around her.
  • Agelessness - makes her immune to most toxins and physical ailments, as well as making her functionally immortal.

Allmother is one of the Returned with the duty and responsibility of holding the security phrases to control ten thousand Lifeless, a quarter of Hallandren's army.[5]


She was one of the four Returned in possession of Lifeless commands[5] and is the goddess of matrons and families.[1] Her core security phrase was "Verdant Bells." however she gave this code to Lightsong who changed it to Red Panther.

Blushweaver attempts to find out Allmother's Command for the Lifeless, to further her control over the Lifeless armies. Allmother refuses to give her security phrase to Blushweaver and later even refuses to speak to her.[1][6]

Despite her dislike of Lightsong,[5] she eventually agrees to meet with him after he releases a lifeless squirrel into her palace to cause havoc. She refuses to simply accept him giving her his Command and ultimately tells him her security phrase, because of the regard Calmseer held him in and also to force him to action.[2]


She considered Calmseer her example and hated Lightsong "violently".[5]


Once, the Returned didn't just listen to petitions and say yes or no. They would take the time to hear each person who came to them, then seek to help them as best they could



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