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Abilities Smedry Talent, Oculator
Descendants House Smedry
Nationality Incarnan
Homeworld Earth (Alcatraz)

Allekatrase the Lens-wielder, Alcatraz Smedry the First, was an Oculator and the first Talented human. He had the Dark Talent for breaking things.[1]

He eventually broke the language of Incarna, sealing away the knowledge of Talents. He was entombed in a sphere of broken time. The Library of Alexandria was re-located around the tomb. He was also the owner of a pair of Truthfinder's Lenses.

Many years later, his descendant Alcatraz found the tomb in the older section of the library when he felt a powerful charge from an activated lens. He broke a wall in order to reach the charge, carefully displacing a bookshelf. He entered the room to find the incarnate wheel on the wall. There was also text, presumably from Allekatrase, that called the breaking talent the Bane of Incarna, the Dark Talent. Alcatraz then entered the area of broken time used to embalm Allekatrase. On his sarcophagus was a Truthfinder's lens that could only be taken out using the breaking talent. Underneath it was a small inscription that Alcatraz broke after reading.[1]


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