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Profession Master-servant
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Rhythm of War

Whatever the enemy did, it knocked out all the others. Every single one. Except you.

—Alili to Kaladin[1]

Alili is an Alethi master-servant on Roshar. During the True Desolation, she also serves as a messenger and scout for the coalition of monarchs.[1]


As a master-servant, Alili is presumably darkeyed. She has white and grey hair, but she is young enough to make it appear premature. Her normal clothing is presumably the typical black and white uniform of a master-servant. During Raboniel's invasion of Urithiru, she served as a messenger and wore a disheveled uniform; she was still identifiable as a master-servant due to the white gloves she kept tucked into her belt.[1]


On the day that Odium's forces took over Urithiru, Alili heard about the failure of Teofil's last stand and then personally saw Navani and Raboniel together. Navani confirmed the surrender to Alili and told her that the humans should not resist. Alili ran the message of surrender to all of the neighborhoods on the sixth floor, finally arriving at Lirin and Kaladin's clinic after a wearying day. Sitting at the table with Hesina over a cup of cold tea, Alili became involved in their conversation, protesting first to Lirin that it felt wrong to consider running the tower's fabrials on Voidlight and then to Kaladin that the war couldn't be over so long as the coalition's armies and the bulk of their Radiants were deployed in other parts of Roshar.[1]

When Kaladin stated that he was 'waiting for the thunder to hit' after the lightning flash of the enemy's incursion, Alili asked him if he could help the other Radiants to do what he had done. She explained to a confused Kaladin that he was the only Radiant who was still awake. She moved to leave after she got no reply. Just before Alili reached the door, Syl alerted the group to an enemy soldier approaching; Alili passed a Regal on her way out.[1]


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