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Profession Sanitation Worker
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Skyward

Alfir is a sanitation worker in Igneous Cavern who visits Spensa's school.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is an attractive man, who is well built and has a square jaw. He wears a tightly fitted jumpsuit and carries a pair of rubber gloves.[1]

His work consists of clearing black water from the sewerage system when the pipes clog, to allow the wastage water to be recycled back into the apparatus. The machinery used by the sanitation workers can often run through far-away caverns.[1]


Alfir is proud of his role and the work done by the Sanitation Corp in the overall running of Detritus. He places great importance on obedience and working within your assigned place in society.[1]

Alfir was invited by Mrs. Vmeer, the Work Studies instructor, to give an overview of his role, and the Sanitation Corps, to Spensa's class before she was accepted into Flight School. After he finished his presentation, he spoke with Spensa directly about joining the Sanitation Corps. He found Spensa's exploration of the tunnels surrounding Igneous Cavern to be impressive, and suggested that she could utilize her knowledge of the cave systems as a sanitation worker. He offered Spensa a guaranteed job with the Sanitation Corps, however, Spensa turned it down in lieu of taking the pilot's test.[1]


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