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Children Adin
Profession Potter
Residence Urithiru
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Rhythm of War

You're going to go see what’s happening, aren’t you? In the atrium?

Adin to his father[1]

Alalan is a potter in Urithiru on Roshar. He is the father of Adin.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Alalan is a short darkeyed man with curly hair. He is quiet but holds an almost imperceptible air of determination and authority.[1] He is protective of his son and courageous enough to openly support the Radiants.[1][3]


Alalan came to Urithiru with his wife and his son Adin. He worked as a journeyman at Master Liganor's pottery shop in the marketplace, and was trained as a potter prior to his employment there. He worked alongside Gub, the other journeyman, and also taught Adin the basics of pottery.[1] When Adin hurt his ankle, Alalan took him to Kaladin to have it looked at.[2]

During Raboniel's occupation of Urithiru, Alalan continued working as normal and deferred to passing singers, advising Adin not to glare at them. He also helped care for the fallen Knights Radiant and left his home every night in secret for unknown reasons. When things in the atrium began brewing prior to Kaladin's final fight with Lezian, Master Liganor entered the pottery shop to tell Alalan about it and looked to the calm man for approval before closing the shop. Before Liganor left, he instructed Alalan to keep making water pots, as their supply was low; however, Alalan abandoned his half-finished pot on the wheel as soon as the lighteyes was gone. A few unusual comments and actions from Alalan led Adin to deduce that he had been wearing the shash glyph on his forehead in support of the Knights Radiant, and that his nightly outings were presumably related to watching over the fallen Surgebinders. Alalan grudgingly allowed his son to accompany him to check on the situation in the Radiant infirmary and the atrium.[1]

Alalan took up arms against Lezian's soldiers to protect the wounded rebels in the atrium. He was seriously injured, but survived the fight.[3]



Men who make sloppy plates will be sloppy fighting Fused.

—Alalan to Adin[1]

Adin is Alalan's son. Alalan teaches him pottery and knows about his "secret" desire to become a Windrunner. He frequently has some piece of fatherly advice for Adin and directs him to act submissive around the singers and Fused. Through observing his father, Adin realizes that bravery can take many forms, and that Alalan only acts like nothing is out of the ordinary so he can bide his time and hide his plans for rebellion. He respects Alalan and thinks of him as a hero.[1]


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