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Aethers are a manifestation of Investiture in the cosmere.[1] Their source is unknown, but they presumably originate on an unrevealed planet.[2][3] A piece of aether is seen on Roshar alongside other Investiture-related artifacts.[4][5]


It is not known how aethers work or what abilities that they grant. There are supposedly many types of aether.[6] Only certain people can activate aethers, and physical pieces of aether are not particularly useful to anyone else.[7] Even cosmere scholars such as those in Silverlight do not yet understand how to control them.[8]


Mraize is confirmed to have at least one piece of an aether in his collection of curios on Roshar.[9][5] Shallan Davar describes several of Mraize's trophies; through the process of elimination, it is likely that the aether is an exceptionally delicate pink crystalline substance.[10]


Because Mraize is a worldhopper,[11] the provenance of his aether is unknown. He owns several items related to Investiture on other planets, such as an Aviar from First of the Sun[12] and white sand from Taldain.[7] Some of these items retain magical properties, but the aether does not.[7] Mem was tasked with removing an unusual stain on Mraize's Azish cavalrylord's suit. She thought it might be a combination of oil and blood and had a great deal of difficulty removing the stain, but eventually cleaned it off without damaging the suit's delicate Mycalin dye. Mraize was surprised by her success and gave her a bonus, mentioning that the stain was "aether". Mem was clearly unfamiliar with the word.[4]

Foil is trying to achieve control over the aethers. Khriss thinks that the discovery of anti-Investiture may disprove some of his theories about them.[8]


  • Aethers originated in the unpublished novel Aether of Night. Elements of the novel have already been repurposed into other works,[13] and it would be completely rewritten before the world is introduced to the cosmere.[14] Aethers and their home planet are confirmed to exist, but the details have not been canonized.[15][1][2]
  • Aethers are the only "major" magic system that has not yet been used extensively in any cosmere work.[1]
  • The planet where aethers originate is not central to the overall cosmere arc.[16] Brandon has not decided how many aether novels he will write or where to fit them into the cosmere release timeline. He has considered doing a trilogy towards the end of the cosmere sequence,[17] but he may need to introduce the magic system sooner in a novel or novella since it is relevant to other planets.[18]
  • Aethers are expected to be "relevant to space-age cosmere".[6]


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