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Species Kitsen
Homeworld Evershore
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Evershore

I am Adi, director of the senate. It is my job to ensure that the proceedings progress in an orderly fashion. You will not speak unless you are asked a direct question.

—Adi to Jorgen, FM, and Alanik[1]

Adi is the director of the kitsen senate. When speaking before the senate, she rides on a small hovering saucer with a low wall around it, with a microphone attached to it.[1]


The kitsen senate held a meeting to discuss what to do with the human visitors, who had proposed an alliance. The kitsen Goro wanted to have his champion duel one of the humans to the death. She moderated the discussion impartially, and gave Kauri and Goro the floor.[1]

Order! The house will come to order!

—Adi after Jorgen caused chaos with his mindblades[1]

After some discussion, she allowed Kauri to bring up a witness, Jorgen Weight. After Jorgen spoke, she allowed the Senate members to speak, floating her microphone to senate members one by one. When Jorgen inadvertently lashed mindblades during the discussion, one of which hit Adi’s platform, chipping it and causing it to dip wildly. She demanded that everyone come to order, but with little use.[1]


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