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Varlance and Adawathwyn.jpg
Abilities Sparker[1]
Residence Elendel
Ethnicity Terris
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Adawathwyn is a former vice governor of Elendel under Governor Varlance.[2] Adawathwyn is a Terris Sparker.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Adawathwyn has curly brown hair[2] and dark brown eyes[3]. She outwardly appears to be just a token representative for the Terris people[2], but Varlance is in her pocket for most of his term.[3] He relies on her for almost every action, and she frequently pushes him around on major decisions.


Adawathwyn became the Vice Governor of Elendel under Governor Varlance. She was involved in almost every policy decision he took.

After Steris informed her of a bomb threat to Elendel, she established a Council to investigate it but also manoeuvred to exclude House Ladrian.[4] The Council consisted only of three senators, Lord Cett, Lady Hammondess and Lady Gardre.

When Constable-General Reddi invites Steris to the meeting anyway as a subject matter expert, Adawathwyn was not happy.[3]. When the Council proposed a war that Reddi was opposed to, she planned to use a draft to force them. Her actions seem to benefit the Set but Steris believed she was secretly encouraged but not directly influenced by them.[3]

Adawathwyn and the Council finally believe Steris after TenSoon revealed himself, disguised as a police officer. As a Zinc Ferring, she planned to use the Bands of Mourning to safely dispose of the bombs.[5] However, Tensoon revealed that the bands are drained, so Adawathwyn could not try the plan. Considering the destruction of the city imminent, Adawathwyn and the other Senators in the Council fled the city, leaving behind Steris and Varlance to evacuate everyone else.

After the crisis was over, Adawathwyn was fired by Governor Varlance.[6]


Preceded by
Vice Governor of Elendel
 ?-348 PC
Succeeded by
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