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Acclivity stone
Spensa LittleGreyDragon.png
Type Mineral
Function Provides lift to starships
Universe Cytoverse
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Hundreds of acclivity rings. If this thing falls, and we can salvage it, it could transform the DDF.

Acclivity stone is a mineral that reduces gravity, and even produces anti-gravity, when charged.[2]

Appearance and properties[edit]

Though it rarely occurs in regular space -- such as in the planetary core of ReDawn[3] -- most of the time, acclivity stone can only be found in the nowhere, making it exceptionally rare.[4] When charged, it glows blue, bright enough to be seen from some distance. It seems capable of holding charge for a considerable amount of time - possibly centuries, though the charge does inevitably run out.[5] While it's rather durable, starfighter destructors are capable of destroying it, rendering it useless.[6] When destroyed, it lets out a flash of light.[7]

Charged acclivity stone seems to affect the surrounding gravity, making it weaker or possibly altering its direction. This can make objects fall more slowly and even produce lift, letting them hover and fly.[2] It also seems to attract light-lances, as it's easier for them to hook on acclivity debris.[8]

Uncharged acclivity stone is a musty grey or black in color, with specks of dark blue.[citation needed]

Acquisition and use[edit]

Acclivity stone is mined by spacefaring species of the galaxy through nowhere portals. The scarcity of those portals makes obtaining it highly difficult, and the material itself very costly; a species with access to a nowhere portal can become exceedingly rich through mining acclivity stone.[4] However, despite its relative scarcity, acclivity stone is broadly used to provide lift to spaceships and space stations throughout all of the inhabited space, and has been used as such for generations.[9]

For starships and stations, the stone is fashioned into rings that are attached to the underside of the vehicle.[10] The bigger the structure, the more acclivity rings it requires, with the largest structures necessitating hundreds of rings to keep them in orbit. Old acclivity rings can, however, be salvaged and reused, allowing for new ships to be fielded.[11]

Though rarely-occurring in nature, acclivity stone can have major impact on ecosystems in which it does occur. On ReDawn in particular, huge chunks of acclivity stone house the roots of the island trees, the megaflora which serves as the only source of the planet's breathable air. As such, it is foundational to all life in the planet's atmosphere.[3][12]


  • An "acclivity" is another word for an upward slope, likely referring to the stone's ability to make things float up.


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