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Titles Citylady
Species Singer
Residence Hearthstone
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Rhythm of War

Such a curious memory. That life feels like a dream now. I remember pain. Confusion. A stern figure bringing me more pain--though I now recognize you were seeking to heal me. So much trouble to go through for a slave child.

—Abiajan to Lirin[1]

Abiajan is a singer from Hearthstone. Before the beginning of the True Desolation, she was a parshwoman slave of Brightlord Wistiow.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Abiajan has white skin with red marbling on her cheeks.[1] She wears a havah in the Alethi style, with a sleeve covering her safehand. Her clothing has more muted colors in order to feature her unique skin patterns.[1]

Abiajan is resentful toward humans for enslaving her people. When she recounts a memory of Lirin healing her many years ago, she suggests his actions were motivated by her monetary value as a slave.[1] She speaks and acts with Alethi mannerisms. Like other parshmen, however, she tries to imitate the singers of old, as described by the Fused, in an effort to reclaim the culture of her ancestors.[1] She also seems to have a sense of duty and leadership, as she was appointed the citylady of Hearthstone and has some influence over the people there.[1][2]


Did you feel for me, the poor confused slave child whose mind had been stolen from her? Did you weep for us, surgeon, and the life we led?

—Abiajan to Lirin[1]

As a parshwoman, Abiajan was a slave to Brightlord Wistiow from a very young age, though she did not have this name back then. At some point during her childhood, her arm was injured, and Lirin set her arm and healed her.[1]

When the Everstorm came and restored the parshmen from slaveform, Abiajan fled Hearthstone with the rest of the singers. Several months later, she returned at the orders of the Fused, who had appointed her as the citylady. Many other singers from the surrounding area also came to the town with her, but only Abiajan was originally from Hearthstone itself.[1]

As Herdazian refugees arrived in Hearthstone to escape the fighting with Odium's forces, Abiajan allowed Lirin to inspect each person for disease, as she seemed to be quite concerned that plaguespren would find their way into the city.[1] One day, a Fused called Lezian unexpectedly arrived in Hearthstone, causing Abiajan to drop her regal attitude and grow flustered. Without her knowledge, Lirin had arranged for Kaladin to extract a Herdazian general known as the Mink and take him to join the coalition of monarchs in Urithiru. Lezian revealed that he was searching for Kaladin, who had been spotted earlier and was soon discovered hiding among the refugees.[1] A fight broke out, resulting in Lezian's escape and one singer soldier's death. At Kaladin's suggestion, Abiajan persuaded the rest of the singers that they had lost the fight and guided them all to a nearby stormshelter outside of town.[2]


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